Better known as WIN, we’re an eclectic group of business people, concerned citizens and go-getters who have banded together to bring about knowledge, possibilities and change. We are Northern Nevada’s most well-balanced organization providing an optimal networking environment for more than 500 community and business leaders on the move.

The goal of WIN is to provide a forum through which members can get a healthy dose of information and education on pertinent issues. Aside from the delicious networking opportunities, our members enjoy powerful information programming and an intriguing free flow of ideas that our open forum breeds.

WIN began in the early 1960s as a volunteer organization formed by a select group of influential business owners. Our original mission was to help build a growing, thriving community by expanding industrial warehousing in Reno/Sparks. Since then, we have developed into an opportunity-fortified organization where people like you can network, share information and of course, share the most important meal of your career.

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Phil MacDougall
Executive Director
PO BOX 1841
Reno, NV 89505
(775) 359-7117

The Speaker Series takes place
at the Atlantis Resort & Spa

3800 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502